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Jeff M. Long
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Current Stats

Title: IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Location: Mt. Laurel, NJ
Gym: Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym
Weight: 220lbs
Height: 5' 6.5"

My Name Jeff Michael Long, I grew up in Cherry Hill in South Jersey. Never really thought at the time that i would grow up to be an I.F.B.B .Pro bodybuilder .


Throughout my childhood growing up i always had a passion for sports whether it was football baseball hockey etc, basically every sport that i played i was good.i was always husky as a kid . It wasn't till i was about 9 when I saw my first muscle magazine which was Muscle and Fitness. At that moment I was blown away at the muscle i saw on these people; guys ,girls etc. I wondered to myself, "I wanna look like that someday" so not soon after I read my first magazine I started to lift weights.


As the years went on i never stopped. It wasn't till i was 20 when entered my first BB show where I placed 4th. Once i competed i was ready to kick it into full gear and start living my life and make a career as a bodybuilder. I competed at the national level at 22 for the first time but didn't place. I didn't let it get me down because I knew I was meant to do this. So i tried 2 more times and failed to turn pro. At this point i was ready to call it quits but something inside me kept telling me don't give up, this is your dream to be an I.F.B.B. Pro. Olympia champ just like all the bodybuilders you read about when you were a kid. I decided at that time to compete one last time. It would be the 2009 N.P.C. Nationals. 


That is the show where things finally went my way  and my dream of becoming an I.F.B.B. Pro came true at the age of 25. I had many obstacles and challenges  along the way that i went through but,  I never gave up on my dream . I dug deep and found a way to keep strong keep pushing and in the end I came out on top.


Thanks for reading this and visiting my website,

Jeff M. Long



Contest History

2010 New York Pro 10th Place
Europa Battle of Champions 11th Place
Europa Super Show No Place

2009 NPC  National Bodybuilding Championships 1st Heavyweight
(Earned PRO Card)
NPC USA Championships 11th Heavyweight

2008 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships   11th Heavyweight
NPC USA Championships 9th  Heavyweight
NPC Junior Nationals 2nd Heavyweight

2007 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships 16th Super Heavyweight

2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships 16th Heavyweight
NPC Eastern USA Championships 6th Heavyweight

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